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Welcome to Decimal.info. In a decimal number like abc.xyz, the digits to left of the decimal point (abc) are whole numbers and the digits to the right of the decimal point (xyz) are not whole numbers.

We here at Decimal.info call the left side of the decimal point the Integer part and the right side the Fractional part.

The Integer part can be labeled: moving from the decimal point and going left, the first number (c) is Ones, the second number (b) is Tens, the third number (a) is Hundreds and so on.

The Fractional part can also be labeled: moving from the decimal point and going right, the first number (x) is Tenths, the second number (y) is Hundredths, the third number (z) is Thousandths and so on. See Decimal Place Value for more information.

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Our goal with Decimal.info is to explain and show different ways decimal numbers can be converted, calculated, changed, and used in math and daily life.

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