Multiplying Decimals Calculator

Our Multiplying Decimals Calculator can not only calculate the answer, but also show you how to multiply decimals so you can learn long multiplication with decimals.

Before we continue, note that we define decimals as numbers with a decimal point, and a whole number as a number with no decimal point. This calculator can calculate decimals times decimals, decimals times whole numbers, whole numbers times decimals, and whole numbers times whole numbers.

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Below is an illustration with explanation showing you how our Multiplying Decimals Calculator works.

Multiplying Decimals Example

Step #1
We start by entering our multiplication problem we want to solve. For our example, we will use 1.2 times 3.45.

Step #2
Next, we remove the decimal points from the problem and solve using long multiplication. It is important to note that there was one digit after the decimal point in 1.2 and two digits after the decimal point in 3.45 with a total of three digits.

Step #3
Finally, we add the decimal point back to get the answer. Take the result from Step 2 and count three digits from right to left, then enter the decimal point. That's it!

In summary, to multiply decimals, you first ignore the decimal points and multiply like normal. Then you add back the decimal points based on how many digits there were after the decimal points. Note, that we included the 0 at the end, but trailing 0s can be removed from the final answer as they have no value. (4.140 = 4.14)

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