Metric Conversion Factor Lookup

Welcome to our Metric Conversion Factor Lookup. A conversion factor is useful if you need to convert one measurement unit to a different unit with the same measurement value.

You simply multiply the original measurement unit by the conversion factor to get the same measurement expressed in a different unit.

Please submit what unit conversion you want the conversion factor for below. We will not only give you the answer, but also the associated metric conversion calculator so you get your answer fast.



Below are some examples of conversion factors and calculators that we have created for you.

Kilograms to Milligrams Conversion Factor and Calculator

Kilograms to Grams Conversion Factor and Calculator

Milliliters to Liters Conversion Factor and Calculator

Millimeters to Centimeters Conversion Factor and Calculator

Decimeters to Meters Conversion Factor and Calculator

You can also go to our Conversion Factors and Calculators List for a list of all our conversion factors in alphabetical order.

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