Round 14.47 to the nearest Euro

Do you need to round €14.47 to the nearest euro? No problem. Here we will show you and explain how to round €14.47 to the nearest euro.

€14.47 means that you have 14 euro and 47 cents. Furthermore, rounding 14.47 to the nearest euro means that you want to get rid of the cent part and be left with euro only. In other words, we want to get rid of the decimal part. Therefore, the answer will be either €14 or €15.

The rounding rule we use to round €14.47 to the nearest euro is as follows: If the cents are less than 50, then we round down to €14 or if the cents are 50 or more, then we round up to €15.

Since 47 is less than 50 we round down, and the answer to "What is 14.47 rounded to the nearest euro?" is as follows:


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