What is 5 over 10 as a decimal?

Here we will explain what 5 over 10 (five over ten) as a decimal means and show you how to calculate 5 over 10 as a decimal.

A fraction has a numerator over a denominator separated by a division bar. 5 over 10 means that 5 is the numerator, "over" is the division bar, and 10 is the denominator.

5 over 10 is therefore the same as the fraction 5/10. However, we don't want a fraction, we want 5 over 10 as a decimal. Like we established above, "over" is the same as division bar, which is the same as divide. Thus, to get the answer to 5 over 10 as a decimal, we divide 5 by 10.

When we calculated 5 divided by 10, we found that 5 over 10 as a decimal (five over ten as a decimal) is as follows:


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Please note, when we calculated five over ten as a decimal on this page, we rounded the answer to the nearest eight decimals if necessary.

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