60 as a percentage

How to write 60 as a percentage? How to convert 60 decimal to percent? What is the decimal number 60 as a percentage? These are all different questions asking the same thing.

Here we will not only give you the answer to 60 as a percentage, but also explain what it means to convert the decimal number 60 to percent and show you how to do it.

Look at the decimal number 60 as 60 out of one. Furthermore, percent means per hundred. So the task is to convert 60 out of one to 60 out of one hundred.

The equation to solve the problem is displayed below where x is the 60 as a percentage.


We solve the equation for x above by first multiplying each side by one and then multiplying each side by one hundred. Thus, the answer to 60 as a percentage is:


On this page we showed you how to calculate 60 as a percentage using a formula to illustrate clearly what it actually means to convert 60 to a percentage.

Now that you know the underlying process and explanation behind it, note that the shortcut to converting 60 to percent is simply to multiply 60 by one hundred to get the answer. (60 x 100 = 6000%)

Another shortcut that is also easy to remember to get a decimal number like 60 as a percentage, is to move the decimal point two places to the right and add the percent (%) sign.

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