24 as a Decimal

When you ask, "What is 24 as a decimal?", we assume you want to know what 24 percent is as a decimal. In other words, 24 percent converted to decimal.

First, we will tell you why it is useful to know 24 as a decimal.

Normally, to calculate 24 percent, you would multiply a number by 24 percent and then you would take the product of that and divide it by 100 to get the answer.

Instead, you can simply multiply a number by 24 as a decimal to get the answer.

24 percent means 24 per hundred. Therefore, to get 24 as a decimal, all you have to do is divide 24 by 100 like so:

24 รท 100 = 0.24

Shortcut: When you divide anything by 100, just move the decimal point two places to the left.

Percent as a Decimal
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Remember This:
24 as a decimal is 0.24 and you can multiply 0.24 by a number to get 24 percent of that number.

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